Saturday, 17 July 2010

You know you're addicted when...

8.30pm- an email arrives informing you of a brand new cache within 10 miles of your home
8.35pm- you scribble down the co-ordinates, find the T-Rex, a pen and your mobile phone
8.40pm- you bid farewell to DaddyDiplodocus and head out the door....just like that!

Yep, it has happened!


  1. and became STF (second to find) ;) :p

  2. I wish :)

    trouble with being a single mum (who has lovely boyfriend but he lives an inconvenient hour away) is that I can’t ever rush out on a FTF hunt - my 8 year old is quite happy to go on a planned day’s caching, but not rush out of the door with me on a moment’s notice. And he’s a little too young yet to be left in on his own with only the TV and our pets for company :)

    So I’ve never gotten a FTF yet. Maybe one day...