Tuesday, 20 July 2010

How we found our missing cat

Back in October 2009, our cat Marmalade went missing. We searched high and low for him, we then realised he was not coming home. 6 months later we discovered geocaching. There are many caches within 5 miles of our house so we were trying to complete a few local ones. One day we parked up, walked a mile up towards the cache, eventually found the cache, signed the log, left a dinosaur and then began the walk back down the hill. Suddenly we heard a 'meow meow meow' from the bushes...and out leapt Marmalade. We stared at him in disbelief; meanwhile he was getting his tummy rubbed by BabyDippy. It was our cat!

Now we had a problem. We were 5 miles from home and a mile from our car. DaddyDipodocus walked ahead with the buggy whilst BabyDippy and I walked with Marmalade. He chased sticks, got carried and chased us all the way back to the car. We put him in the car and drove him home. The next day we took him to the Vet (also his breeder) who checked him over, gave him a clean bill of health and a pat for being remarkable! Since then, Marmalade has come and gone for several days at a time. As much as he loves being home, he has developed a 'wild' side.
If it weren't for Geocaching, we'd never have found him.


  1. thats excellent news, any signs that someone else might have been looking after him as well? maybe conect a gps to him and do a track log lol.


  2. that is a remarkable story!!!