Thursday, 1 July 2010

Caching with TinyDippy and BOB

TinyDippy is now 9 months old. He accompanies me whilst out caching in the day. When he was smaller, he used to sleep in his buggy. Now he stays awake and shouts at whatever he can see. He was very fortunate recently when a very kind friend of ours in the US sent over her BOB stroller for us to use. This buggy is the king of all buggys; a stranger recently commented "wow, that is one serious pushchair". BOB as we call (him) it, has huge 16inch wheels, suspension that rivals my car, a huge seat, storage space for a week's worth of caching and a huge sun hood. TinyDippy seems very happy in it. His first try out was when we went caching by the sea. BabyDippy got to ride her new bike and he got to sit in his new buggy. We had a good day caching.
Now that TinyDippy is walking, he gets to help search for caches. This is just an excuse to give him a little run around after being in the pushchair for 15mins at a time. Between us we found the cache in the photo- it was magnetised to the underside of the gate.

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