Saturday, 20 August 2011

The 365 Challenge and D/T grid

The 365 Day Challenge is nearly over. I now only have a 10 day block left and then I am finished. I am aiming to collect the 365 cache on the day I hit 3000 caches; it will be a nice milestone for such a great challenge cache.

The D/T (cache difficulty, terrain difficulty) grid is filling up; we added a few new ones over the past few weeks.

A fun DNF!

Recently, both kids had a brilliant hour at a local cressbed. We had intended to find a multi (Cache and Splash) there but the first stage was missing. Instead, the kids spent an hour getting soaked in the shallow waters. We're looking forward to going back and perhaps finding the cache!

Some FTFs at night!

It's been a while since I chased some 'First to Finds' as I have been saving local caches for days when I needed to cache. The 365 Challenge is nearly completed so when a new series of 16 caches (Butterfly Series) was published a few miles from our house, I sort of had to go! I picked up our caching friends on route and off we set. We only managed 10 FTFs as it was getting too dark to finish the series, the batteries in my GPS died and my phone was running very low on juice so we called it a night. We finished off the series the following evening.
It is a great series with some excellent, well thought out and constructed hides.

Friday, 12 August 2011

An update...

It's been quite busy these last few weeks as it has been the summer holidays for Big QC. We started the holiday with a maintenance trip round one of my series, Big QC clocked up 24 finds so she was happy!
We then all went to Swansea in Wales for the UK Mega Geocaching event. We took in a series, a few events and the odd cache or two.
The event that Big QC enjoyed the most was the Mega Camping, unfortunately we weren't staying at the official campsite, so we drove over for the evening and barbecued with friends. We also attended a launch party for the GeOlympix event next summer, a beach event and a convention. We didn't stay long at the convention so went caching along the sea front!
Over the past few weeks, we've filled in a few gaps on our calendar, added a new D/T to the grid and picked up a handful of caches.
Today we walked round the Yattendon Yomp which is a series of 4.6 miles and up to 24 caches on it. It is a lovely series and one that we all enjoyed.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My 6 year old

Here is a nice little article on my 6 year old (Big QC)- click here!