Sunday, 4 July 2010

Our best far!

This weekend we took in a spot of camping plus rather a lot of caching.
Our first day consisted of a series of 29 caches over 5.3miles. The caches were all fairly easy to find so we found all 29. BabyDippy had a lot of fun with this series as the caches were all located fairly close to one another. She got a good lesson in road safety after spotting a dead hare and badger!

We had dinner in a pub near the campsite and it was here that we decided that 29 was not a good round number! As luck would have it, that there was a cache 400 meters from where we were eating. I headed off to find it whilst DaddyDiplodocus took the kids back to the tent. 30 caches in one day!

After packing up the tent, we headed over to another series of about 4.5miles. As we parked up we spotted a car with a Geocaching sticker on it. We parked near it and hoped the cacher would spot the Travel Bug we have attached to our car. We set off on the series, this route involved many stiles and gates of which we had to get the pushchair over. We found all 24 caches on the route, plus an extra 3 and gained the added bonus of a puncture on the buggy. We also bumped into the cacher whose car we had parked near. It turns out he has over 2000 caches logged so is quite a pro...he logged our Travel Bug car as well!

So, overall, we found 57 caches in 2 days and hit a new milestone of 300! Here are Tiny and Baby Diplodocus with their 300th cache!

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