Monday, 27 June 2011

How far?

Today, I can barely walk and it's all my fault! I under-estimated how many miles I was going to ride.

I had plans of finishing off the Aldbourne Series; we had started this series many months ago. We had taken two cars and parked them at either end of the walk as we knew Big QC at the age of 5 then would never walk 13 miles. It was a great walk that day, but I had that nagging feeling I needed to finish it off.

Then a new series was published on Saturday fairly close by so I switched my plans and decided on the Swindon BAR series by bike. A very kind Mr QC said "why not do both series, if you leave early enough you'll be back by lunch".

After feeding breakfast to the kids, I left the house at 7:30am, parked up and set off round a great new series. The first part was on footpaths so I pushed the bike, once onto the ridgeway the ride was easy and fun. I clocked 12.5km for the series.
I then drove the short distance to Aldbourne where I parked up and headed up by bike to where we'd left off. 17km later, I return to the car! I didn't have enough energy to tackle the bonus so drove home.

I arrived home vey dehydrated at 12:30pm...just in time for lunch.

Friday, 24 June 2011


Today,we found our 2500th cache.

Little QC and I went out on our bikes to a localish series of 5 caches. The caches were brilliant hides and very cunning containers. We found a fake stone, a magnetic sign on a telephone exchange box, a nano disguised as a leaf and a locked log book. We had collected the bonus numbers so we were able to open the combination lock and sign the log. A great set of caches to mark a milestone.

Caching by bike with Little QC is tricky, he is fine in the seat, but if I stop, I have to take him out the seat before I hunt for the cache...otherwise he tries to tip the bike.

We had a great ride before heading home.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Caching in France

It has been a few weeks since I last updated this blog.

Caching in France.
We headed to France over the half-term holiday. We had to cache a few days to fill in our '365' grid. The caches in our part of France are few and far between. The French seem to go in for long multis and puzzle caches. One cache close by requires a 35km bike....just for one smiley face!
We did one multi, a puzzle cache, 2 earth caches (Dolmen Earthcache in photo) and 13 traditionals.

Whilst we were in France, we set 4 caches, all of which have been found several times now.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New caches!

Yep, we've just had 4 new caches France!
I set the caches when we were in the Vendee last week. All 4 caches have been placed in locations that are very special to me. I was very pleased to see that there were some finds on the first day, especially considering the region has very few caches set in it and not many local cachers.

The 365 Challenge lives on...just!

I am currently doing a caching challenge called "365 days lost". It means that over the course of a year or three you find one cache for everyday of the year. The finds don't have to be consecutive, but as long as the year grid is filled then you have achieved the cache.
So far, I am on target to finish on the 31st August.
However, we just about got a cache on the 5th June. We were travelling back from France and had planned on grabbing a few caches near the ferry port. The road traffic was awful and we just made it to the boat with 15 mins to spare. Our ferry was then late docking into Portsmouth so we had just 45mins to find a cache and log it before the day was over.
With both kids asleep in their car seats, we found a quick cache and dash close to the ferry port. I signed the log at 11.25pm!