Monday, 26 July 2010

Caching on my bike

Once upon a time this was my bike...

Nowadays, I ride my mountain bike a few times a year. My race bike is gathering dust in the garage and my mountain bike has a large child seat attached to the back!

A new short series of caches was published this morning so I thought I'd try and get a FTF (first to find). I then had this mad notion of taking my bike round the caches. Once BabyDippy and TinyDippy were in bed, I packed the car with my bike, bid farewell to DaddyDippy and set off.
I unloaded the bike and rode, it felt good and then I realised I was riding downhill with a tail wind! Once upon a time I had competed for Great Britain in the sport of Triathlon; heck, they even made me Team Captain at a few World Championships...and here I was, this evening, puffing and panting after half a mile (going down hill and with a tail wind)!

Anyway, I found the first and second caches easily. I then began the uphill struggle on an overgrown byway...a little walk was needed! Thankfully I hit some downhill and I whizzed off. There was one section where I had to walk the bike as the path turned into a 'footpath'. I was grateful for this.
The final two caches were easy finds, I needed easy finds as by now, I was exhausted!
It'll be several days before I'll tihnk about riding my bike again.

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