Sunday, 18 September 2011

Caching in France

We were in France on holiday recently, so a spot of caching happened!
We discovered some lovely new beaches, some caves, a fossil beach, new parks, lakes and forests.We also managed to pick up 2 new cache areas in France which was pleasing.

A lovely walk over the River Yon

Big QC has a go at reaching for the cache..she couldn't so we DNF'd

Mr QC heads off over the boulders for a cache up (very up) the river bank/cliff!

A lovely new beach complete with caves

A 'Pigonniere', I guess a dovecote. Inside the building there was space for 2000 pigeons. It hasn't been used in years. One had to climb up the inside a few feet to find the cache.

Cache number 3000

To coincide with the 365 challenge, I decided to make that cache my 3000th. It was a great cache to reach that milestone was also our first 5/5 cache!
Here's to the next 3000!

The 365 day challenge

The 365 day challenge is over! It has taken just 17 months to fill in every single day of the year with at least one cache. The final day occured in France. We celebrated with a tricky (D/T 3.5/4) cache which involved a bit of climb up a old mill.

 Last week, we headed down to near Winchester and signed the log of the '365 challenge'. It has been an excellent challenge, but I wouldn't recommend trying to complete it in under 18 months!