Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I'm caching in the rain, yes caching in the rain!

It looks like autumn has arrived. The summer weather was well and truly over today. I headed out with TinyDippy this morning to a town near by. The pretence of  'a trip to Tescos' actually means 'a spot of caching, followed by a super quick trip round the supermarket I've parked near'. I parked up next to Tescos, unloaded the buggy, strapped in TinyDippy and set off. I'd found a nice series of 9 caches which looked buggy friendly. We had a great walk until the rain really started coming down. We hurried through the final 4 caches and then headed in Tescos to dry off! We missed one cache today in the series as it was located in a vey busy spot, there were far too many people about to retrieve the cache from the rafters of a building!

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  1. I think I know exactly what series you mean :)