Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Travel Bugs

Travel Bugs are little objects/toys that travel between caches. They are picked up by cachers when they are found and then placed in another cache. Many Travel Bugs have specific missions, others just want to visit caches. Each TB has a tag with a code on it. When you find the TB, you register the find and then move it on as soon as you can. We have now released 5 Travel Bugs with varying missions:

Panda wants to visit lots of high places. We'll run a 'who can post the highest altitude' list.
Baby Parasaurolophus is on his way to Sydney, Australia to visit a friend. Our friends have also released a Travel Bug that aims to get to one of our caches.
Marmalade just wants to visit cats. This TB is dedicated to our cat Marmalade. We found him 6 months after he went missing...all thanks to geocaching.
Vendee Gem wants to get to the Vendee region of France. We have a house there so it would be good to pick this one back up one day.
Baby Dolphin just wants to travel the world's caches.
Our car is also a TB. If anyone sees it, they can log the TB number on the geocaching website. It has been spotted twice so far!

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