Thursday, 1 July 2010

The first ammo can!

I'd often read of ammo cans being used as cache containers, but was yet to find one. There is a series of puzzle caches nearby which all involve solving some numerical clues. Once you have found all 6 caches, you email the cache setter who then emails you back the co-ordinates of the final cache. Between DaddyDippy and myself, we solved the number puzzles and I set off with TinyDippy to find the caches. After finding all 6 (and feeling very relieved that our maths was good), I emailed the cache setter. After picking BabyDippy up from school we drove to the final cache location.
We ended up in a forest full of bluebells. The GPS would not settle due to the tree cover so we searched high and low. Eventually we found the cache- an ammo can! It hadn't been found in over 6 months but was in excellent condition. We left several toy dinosaurs and BabyDippy took a certificate and a calculator.

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