Wednesday, 1 September 2010

To Marracache in Morroco...

There is a cache in Marrakech called the Marracache (it could only be called that); our dilemma before we headed to Morocco for a week of sun was 'do we take the GPS and the cache details or not?' In the end, we took the cache details and decided to play it by ear. Unfortunately, Marrakech was a 3 hours coach ride away and the thought of taking 11 month old TinyDippy on a 6 hour round trip in 105 degrees of heat was not appealing.
It was a fantastic holiday thought and just what we needed.

The withdrawal symptoms of not caching for 10 days kicked in today, so I made the most of 2 jet-lagged, dozy kids and headed off for a few cache and dashes. I'm not a fan of cache and dashes but this felt necessary today! BabyDippy decided that we needed to hit #555 today so we took in 11 caches to make our total up to 5-5-5!

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