Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My first event

Last night, I braved a Cachers Meet Up. I'm not the most social of people so walking into a room of strangers was going to be hard.
First I debated what to wear. Do I wear my best Goretex and trail shoes or do I go in jeans? It wasn't a hard decision to make; I picked jeans very quickly!
Next, how would I recognise a bunch of cachers? Should I look for copious amounts of Goretex and lycra clad sporty people? Should I wear my GPS or carry a copy of The Times? I quickly rejected the idea of sporting a bright yellow Garmin!
My next worry was that I was too inexperienced as a cacher to attend. Compared to some cachers, my paltry 619 cache finds is small change for some.

I left home at 6.45pm with the plan of picking up 2 caches in the area that I hadn't found. I picked up the 2 new caches and then headed for the pub. I sat in the car, checked my mail, read some Facebook, sent a text to Daddy QC and then, with a deep breath, I got out of the car and headed for the pub.

I got home at 11pm having had a brilliant evening. I met loads of cachers who have been round our series, I put faces to names, discussed and swapped caching stories and life as a caching addict. I was made to feel very welcome by all. A number of the top 100 UK cachers were there with some very funny stories to listen to. My 600+ finds wasn't laughed at, especially considering we've been caching for 6 months and always with a buggy in tow. I'll be back next month to meet up with everyone again.


  1. well done you - you're much braver than me!

    I've been to three events so far and at the first two I didn't speak to a soul other than to confirm our team name :)

    by the third I was getting slightly braver but I still need to try to mingle better - too shy :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the event