Monday, 27 September 2010

Hotel California

Ok, not a hotel, but a cache! Our Marmalade travel bug is now residing in a cache in California! He was placed there yesterday. This means Marmalade has traveled just over 5500 miles. Where will he go next?

How are the other TBs getting on?
Little Dolphin is stuck in a cache surrounded by human poo. The cache is currently inactive until the poo situation clears.
Para is missing but has been tracked down. The cachers who took him from a CITO event have given up caching, it didn't occur to them to place the TBs they had found into a cache before giving up. Thankfully, all is not lost and hopefully Para will be collected by another cacher.
The Vendee Gem has made it to France so is getting closer to it's final destination.
Panda is still in the dizzying heights of Lincolnshire. He hasn't been logged since the middle of August, so we are not sure if he is still in his cache.

The car has been spotted 3 times this month; twice at a cache meet and once as we were driving through Swindon.

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