Thursday, 2 September 2010

September challenges

BabyDippy (age 5) and I were talking about challenges today. She has some challenges and steps that she has to try and achieve so we were discussing those. She decided that if she had to do hard things then I should too. So I asked her to set me a challenge.

My challenge for September is to cache every day.

We're only 2 days in. Yesterday was easy as I made the most of both kids just needing to rest so we did some drive bys. Today though was much harder as it was the first day of school and I had people to catch up with. I wont let BabyDippy go caching on a school day/night so that only left the evening. I made the most of DaddyDippy being home from work early, packed the bike in the car and went and finished off a multi-cache (The Square) I've been meaning to complete for ages. It was a fab set of caches with some brilliant hides.

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