Wednesday, 8 September 2010

How many cache types....

How many cache types can I find in one day? This was an idea we thought we'd try out.
The aim was to find a traditional (standard cache), a multi (staged cache), a puzzle (solve a puzzle and find the co-ords), a letterbox (the precursor to geocaching), an Earthcache, a virtual cache and a webcam cache. 7 different cache types...could it be done?

#1 Letterbox- a quick find of a decent sized cache.
#2 Earthcache at Lockeridge Dene. A beautiful area.
#3 Lockeridge Dene Multi. A lovley walk exploring the area and a quick find.
#4 Kennet Longbarrow Virtual cache- we had a lot of fun up here despite the little one being scared of the dark
#5 Avebury Stone Circle Webcam cache- after parting with a small fortune for parking, we enjoyed this cache.
#6 Swindon View Traditional cache- a quick cache and dash
#7 A Swindon Puzzle cache- a very fun puzzle to solve followed by a walk full of blackberries for the little one to eat.

I did it!

Yesterday we also got 3 new FTFs (first to find). An email notification came through at lunch time so we headed over and found 3 in the pouring rain!


  1. that sounds like a fun day :)

    I think my most types found in one day is a pathetic two :)

    we've been to Avebury so many times and have never done the virtual or webcam cache there, in fact I've never done a webcam one at all. I'm always going places for days out and then checking when I get home and finding I could have got a virtual there, doh.

  2. You missed the meet icon :p

  3. There are a couple of puzzle caches in the UK that you can only claim if you've found 6 different icons in one day. We've done GC1K9PZ just off M25 in Surrey which is quick, easy and buggy friendly if you ever find yourself passing by that way.