Saturday, 11 September 2010

Our toughest series yet

Who'd have thought that a 3.5mile series could take so long?
Every cache has a difficulty rating (out of 5 stars, 1 being the easiest) and a terrain rating (same scoring). This series was given a 2.5 for difficulty and a 3 for terrain. Bah, we thought, it'll be fine! We are so used to climbing stiles and gates with the buggy as we encounter them all the time.

Cache #1- We had to find an alternative route to this as the buggy wouldn't fit throught the overgrown bushes
Cache #4- we had to negotiate a broken stile, a muddy bank and a tractor tyre being used as a bridge over a small stream...all on a steep incline
Cache #5- the steepest hill we've encountered with the buggy, we carried it in some places.
Cache #7- a footpath so overgrown with brambles and thorns that I gave the Big One a piggy back ride through. The Little One got scratched as his buggy was wider than the path.
Cache #11- one bull in the field and two sets of electic fences to cross, plus an unfinished bridge
Cache #12- bridge too narrow for the buggy so we had to carry it above our heads. Another very steep hill to climb.

This was by far our hardest set of caches, but we had a great walk. The views from the hills were spectacular and the weather was great. We well and truly earnt our smiley faces for this!

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