Monday, 10 January 2011

Fab ABS!

We realised we hadn't been out for a good proper walk as a family for a few weeks, so this weekend, we found a circuit that looked kid friendly. We headed over to Wokingham for a wander round the ABS series.
The series had 11 caches set on it, with a further 2 set by other cachers. The highlight of the walk for Big QC was finding a well stocked ammo can in a spooky 'dinosaur' forest. We really enjoyed walking through the most enormous fruit farm ever, we guessed this was where local supermarkets got their berry stock from. It was an amazing site; it had never really occurred to us how fruit on this scale is grown.

By the time we returned to the car, we'd covered 4 miles in about 2.5hours. We'd also spotted a cache called 'The World's Biggest Strawberry' situated near the entrance to the above mentioned fruit farm. I retrieved the cache whilst Daddy QC took the kids up to see the huge strawberry. Big QC doesn't like strawberries, but she was quite impressed with this one!

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