Monday, 3 January 2011

2010 statistics

Back on the 21st March 2010, we found our first cache. We ended the year on 1320 finds.
Our best month was October with 240 finds. Over the last 10 months our caching rate has been 4.6 finds per day.
We've managed to fill in 43 of the 81 squares on our D/T (difficulty/terrain) grid. Each cache is rated for the hide difficulty and the terrain. Anything over a 3 for terrain is always quite tricky with Little QC's buggy.
Now that I am aiming for the '365 days of caching' cache, we've had to cache daily to fill in our 'finds by date' grid. We've covered 57% of the year so far.
We managed to cache in 17 different counties, including 5 in Wales, plus we've found caches in 2 other countries (Netherlands and France).
Our best caching day resulted in 40 finds, our best week yielded 72 finds. I found 7 different cache types in one day.
Our fasted 100 caches took 11 days, and our fastest 1000 caches took 162 days.
The average length of my logs are 31 words.

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  1. I'm aiming to improve my finds by date grid too. I've discovered that I've never cached in December!