Saturday, 8 January 2011

Electric Fences

Today, Little QC and I took a walk round the BlackMill Series near Calne. This was a 4 mile walk, though we walked nearly an extra mile, with 14 caches placed around the circuit.
I had Little QC in the sling as I knew, from reading the logs, that the series was very muddy and contained a lot of stiles. What I hadn't bargained for were the electric fences.
We found caches 1-3 easily and then set off across a field. Electric fence #1 blocked our way. We detoured round the field and bypassed that fence, only to be greeted with a succession of electrical cabling. It was like a scene from the Krypton Factor with fences criss crossing each other.
There was no possible way I could leap the fences with Little QC on my back, so we back tracked...hence adding an extra mile to the road and walked round to cache #4.
This was a great series that I really enjoyed walking round.
According to the GPS, we walked 4.7miles in 1 hours 30 mins, with an extra 30 mins for stopping time and cache finding. This time also includes Little QC's walk between caches when he  needed to stretch his legs.


  1. if the footpath is a public right of way you can report the farmer to the local council they get paid a lot of money from the council to keep the right of ways clear.

  2. Those darn fences. I hate having to get past them, even without a little one with me. Good that it didn't spoil your fun though!