Monday, 24 January 2011

3 days, 73 caches, 19 miles!

In the past 3 days, Little QC and I have walked 19 miles and found 73 caches! Big QC joined us for 3 of those miles and 6 of the caches.
Tomorrow, I will be doing one drive by cache, I fear my legs will be very very tired!

Today, my caching friends, collectively known as the CCC (Cache and Cake Club) completed a series called CHOO- Chuffing and Huffing Out of Ogbourne. The series was 8 miles and contained 22 caches. We had intended to only do the first half of the series, then come back and finish it off another week. We had the option of finishing at cache #10 or #15. However, at #10, we decided to carry on. At #15 we were all enjoying the series so much that we felt we should finish it off! This was one of the best series we've done in a while. 22 well place, well thought out large caches, the route was well marked and easy to follow, the scenery was great and the hills For me, there wasn't a single stile or gate to lift the buggy over!

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