Monday, 17 January 2011

Caching in Belgium

We spent a great weekend in Belgium staying with some very good friends of ours. In our three days there, we found 5 caches.

Our first two caches were located very close to each other in La Foret de Soignes. The first cache was an easy find as there was a lovely hint describing the tree. This was a quick find. We then headed to another cache. Here, I failed in the translation (it was in Flemish) and completely missed the massive hint in the cache description. With thick tree cover this was a very hard to find cache. I went back for just 'one last look' and discovered a sand coloured bag wedged into the roots of a fallen tree. This was then covered with several logs.
The next day we headed out and found a micro cache located on a roundabout. It was now dark so we drove to see Napoleon's Butte du Lion. This is a large man-made hill constructed on the battlefield of the Battle of Waterloo. It was nicely lit up and something worth seeing. There was a cache located within 100 meters of car park, so we headed there with a wind up torch and the 'torch' of the iphone! We found a travel bug that had come from Finland; this was quite funny seeing as our friends are Finnish. A few visitors before us had also been Finnish, though they'd not placed the TB!

Our last day saw us find a great ammo can in the Folon woods. We let our Finnish friends navigate to the cache and find it...much to Big QCs disgust. Our friends now have their own Geocaching account!

We have now cached in France, Netherlands, Belgium and Wales. Next stop...Scotland!

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