Sunday, 13 February 2011

Week round up

This week, I climbed a tree to find a cache. It was about 30ft up!

The tree was on the Wendlebury Circuit which is just south of Bicester. We walked about 5 miles and found 17 caches en route. The route was excellent, though we had a problem with an electric fence placed just infront of a stile. Getting a 25kg dog, plus a buggy and baby over this took a very long time.

Today, I had a child free morning, so I headed down to Winchester with the aim of walking round the Hursley Circuit (5.5miles and 19 caches). However, I was feeling good, so added on Ed's Circuit (4.5 miles and 16 caches). There were a few other caches to pick up as well so I ended the day with 9.9 miles and 39 caches. I highly recommend this circuit, it was such a great walk.

I also managed two FTFs, one of which with Big QC- she was delighted! We attended a caching event and launched another new cache. This new cache is one of three caches based around some of the cake shops we visit after we've been caching! 

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