Sunday, 20 February 2011

Quavers and Crotchets

Today, we drove down to Melksham to walk round 'Count Katie's Quavers' series. The series was made up of 19 caches (including a bonus) over a 4 mile walk. We also picked up two other caches en route. Big QC had a fun walk as the caches were close together and the terrain was fairly easy going.  We were very grateful that there wasn't a single stile to cross with the buggy. As a family, we would strongly recommend this series, the hides were good, the caches were large and well stocked and the route was very easy to follow.

This week, we managed to find 40 caches, this was an excellent week considering Big QC was home sick from school for 2 days. I finished off the WOW series near Swindon. This is a great series, Little QC thoroughly enjoyed all the different animals and birds he saw as we walked round.

We also picked up a FTF (first to find) which delighted Big QC.

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