Sunday, 6 February 2011

FTF...New Puzzle...Favourites

We don't normally bother with 'First to Finds'- finding a brand new cache before anyone else. Caches tend to be published in the evening, just as the kids are going to bed and when Daddy QC isn't home. I wont cache on my own in the dark, so most new caches are ruled out. Big QC is always asking when we are going to get a FTF, but the opportunity to get one during a non-school day is hard.

However, we were having dinner with our caching friends when an email popped up with the notification of a new cache just over a mile from our pub! We loaded Big QC and her caching friend into the car and drove the cache location. My GPS ran out of batteries and we'd forgotten a torch; great start! Using an iphone each we made our way to GZ, but it was still too dark, so I turned the car around and pointed the headlights at GZ. The cache was ours! Big QC was so happy with her FTF.

We launched a new puzzle on Friday GC2NB03 I rated it 4 stars as you need a specific bit of 'equipment' to solve it! It has been found 4 times so far. recently launch a new 'favourites' button. You earn points from finding caches, you can then allocate these points to your favourite caches. Our 'Micros in Ivy' cache has 4 points so far, considering only 5 people have found this cache, this is good going! 'Sophies Country Cache' puzzle has 3 votes from 9 finders and our series currently has 3 votes.


  1. We really do have to get around to finding some of yours soon, the micros in ivy one sounds like a lot of fun, and I have to find Sophie's because I am so proud of myself for solving the puzzle all by myself :)

  2. PS just solved the co-ords for the new one too - just a suggestion but maybe if you do another one similar it would be a good idea to ROT-13 encrypt the hint? We don't usually like to look at the hint except as a real last resort, eg if we have been looking at GZ for 15 mins or so without any luck.