Sunday, 8 August 2010

How are the Travel Bugs getting on?

A few weeks ago we released 5 travel bugs. A quick update:

Para's Trip to Heath (aim to get to Sydney) is now in Somerset, UK.
Vendee Gem (aim to get to the Vendee, France) is now somewhere in heading south!
BabyDolphin (aim to just travel) is in Hampshire, UK.
Marmalade's Travels (aim to travel) is a short distance away in Buckingham.
Mountain Panda (aim to go to high places) is in the dizzying heights of Lincolnshire!

Our car has been spotted 4 times in various locations.


  1. Oooh goody – a new (to me) geocaching blog :)

    Found you via a comment you left on Geocass’s blog – and recognised your name from the logbooks of a series I did yesterday (Hannington Wick)

    You must be local to us – we’re in Swindon

    Will pop your blog on my reader.

    Sarah (of the Chaos Crew and mum to “alittlebitofchaos”)

  2. Thank you for your comment on my own blog, by the way, yes we will definitely add your series to our to do list. It sounds like just the sort of series my boys would enjoy. I don't know if you use Facebook, but if so please feel free to follow the link on my blog and add me as a friend, always good to get to know other geocachers, especially locally. Hopefully will bump into you at one of the future Swindon Soirees :)