Sunday, 1 August 2010

4 cache types

Today we wanted to see if we could find more than 2 different cache types in one day. We also wanted to find our 400th cache!
We set off early to complete a series of 20 caches. We couldn't find 2 of the series, but we did find the multi-stage cache (see tree climbing post below). This was a hard series with the buggy, but we had fun over the 5 miles. On the way home we stopped off to do a cache in a Cold War bunker. DaddyDiplodocus had a good look round the bunker whilst we looked for the cache. We then headed up to an Earth Cache at a nearby estate. We found a huge Lone Saracen stone. BabyDippy felt it was lonely so added several small pebbles to it so it had some companionship!
We were passing through a series that I had started back in May, I only had the bonus mystery cache left to we picked that up too!
20 traditional caches, 1 multi-stage cache, 1 earth cache and 1 mystery cache...and a new total of 406!

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