Saturday, 14 January 2012

A surprise FTF

Today we had a surprise First to Find. Little QC had had a class so we picked up a few other caches in the area, then I remember that last night a new cache had come out but I didn't have it on my GPS. I'd briefly glanced at the map after publication so had a rough idea where it was. Big QC was put on 'Post Box' watch...lo and behold, I had remembered the route correctly and there was the cache with a blank log book!

This was Big QC's log:

First to Find!
I like FTFs
Sometimes Mummy surprises me by remembering things! She remembered where this cache was and I helped her find it. I told Mummy to write my name first as I spotted the cache location before she did. I didn't get out the car though as I went back to reading my book.

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