Friday, 6 January 2012

2011 caching round up

Here area few bit and pieces for the year 2011.

Over the past 12 months, I managed to find a total of 2575 caches which I am delighted with, this is an average of just over 210 per month. I ended the year with 3896 caches of which 89% were traditional caches, the rest were made up of puzzles, events, multis, virtuals and earthcaches.

My D/T grid filled up quite a bit, I now have 64 out of the 81 squares filled, my 365 calendar is now filled except for 29th this space! I cached in a total of 30 counties, 5 countries, plus 4 areas in France.

My fastest 100 caches took one day, my fastest 1000 took 119 days. I walked 20 miles in one day for the 110 caches- this was a good solo effort.

So what next for 2012?
I would like to maintain less than 90% of traditionals cache types found. I would also like to fill a few more squares in on the D/T grid, but that takes a lot of planning and is very hard to do with a buggy. I don't think I will top this year's overall finds mainly because I can't expect Little QC to keep caching, he is beginning to have his own interests, though he does love to "me find cache". If I can hit 5000 total finds by the end of the year, I will be very pleased, anything else will be a bonus. Naturally, because I love going on holiday, I would liek to add another country or three to my map!

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