Monday, 27 June 2011

How far?

Today, I can barely walk and it's all my fault! I under-estimated how many miles I was going to ride.

I had plans of finishing off the Aldbourne Series; we had started this series many months ago. We had taken two cars and parked them at either end of the walk as we knew Big QC at the age of 5 then would never walk 13 miles. It was a great walk that day, but I had that nagging feeling I needed to finish it off.

Then a new series was published on Saturday fairly close by so I switched my plans and decided on the Swindon BAR series by bike. A very kind Mr QC said "why not do both series, if you leave early enough you'll be back by lunch".

After feeding breakfast to the kids, I left the house at 7:30am, parked up and set off round a great new series. The first part was on footpaths so I pushed the bike, once onto the ridgeway the ride was easy and fun. I clocked 12.5km for the series.
I then drove the short distance to Aldbourne where I parked up and headed up by bike to where we'd left off. 17km later, I return to the car! I didn't have enough energy to tackle the bonus so drove home.

I arrived home vey dehydrated at 12:30pm...just in time for lunch.

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  1. Well done for completing the epic ride. I enjoyed reading your posts on my Aldbourne caches and thankfully you found no.16!