Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The 365 Challenge lives on...just!

I am currently doing a caching challenge called "365 days lost". It means that over the course of a year or three you find one cache for everyday of the year. The finds don't have to be consecutive, but as long as the year grid is filled then you have achieved the cache.
So far, I am on target to finish on the 31st August.
However, we just about got a cache on the 5th June. We were travelling back from France and had planned on grabbing a few caches near the ferry port. The road traffic was awful and we just made it to the boat with 15 mins to spare. Our ferry was then late docking into Portsmouth so we had just 45mins to find a cache and log it before the day was over.
With both kids asleep in their car seats, we found a quick cache and dash close to the ferry port. I signed the log at 11.25pm!

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