Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lots of series!

Over the last few weeks, we've been round a few series. I took Big QC round the Cache and Cake series (19 caches/3.6 miles) as she wanted to hit her 1000 cache milestone.

I then walked round the new Hannington Hop series which was an excellent loop. The following day we did the Loncott loop which was very very hard. At least half of the 5 mile loop was through head high rape seed fields. This would have been ok had we not had to push the buggy through 10cm width overgrown paths. I ended up carrying Little QC, he is about 26lbs now so was quite a heavy lump!By the end of the series, it wasn't fun. I have never wished a series to end like this one. It would be absolutely fine without a buggy...or hayfever!

As a family, we had a wander round the Kelmscott series. We have walked many of the other series set by this cache owner, as usual, the route did not disappoint and we had a great few hours.

I finished off The Skylers series. I started this series in the Autumn, but never finished it off, so I took the opportunity to last week. This was a fab series and highly recommended.

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