Monday, 13 December 2010

Les Vaches, Les Caches, part deux!

Argh, the cows!

Here are 9 of the 25 bullocks that I had to walk through! Je n'aime pas les vaches!

It might have been slightly better had they not insisted on walking towards me looking evil with their beady black eye patches! In the end, I backtracked to the edge of the field, dropped down out of sight and ran! Needless to say, cow pats, buggy wheels and my clothes do not mix well!

I found a fab old (2003) cache today. I sat and read through the log book and realised that 'old' logs used to be paragraphs long; nowadays a quick 'TFTC' is normally left.


  1. even when we first started in early 2008 the logs were much longer. I still ramble on in mine :)

  2. Very true, we've just been talking about just this. When we started you'd walk all day for 2 caches, so could afford to write a long log. Our favourites were by Freespirit, whose logs were more like amusing essays.