Thursday, 9 December 2010

100 days of caching!

Today I hit the 100th day of continuous caching!

I started on the 1st September and since then, have found at least one cache per day. In the last 100 days I have clocked up 692 caches!!! I'm rather surprised at that number!
Also, in that time frame, I hit 7 different caches in one day, found my record of 40 caches in 12 hours, finally got over 50% of my D/T chart filled, found my record of 72 caches in a week and walked miles! Little QC has been with me for all but 3 of those days.

It has been fun! So now what? Do I continue or do I stop? I have my eye on a cache called 'The 365 days of caching'. This requires you to have cached on every single day of the year (over several years)...maybe, just maybe!

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