Sunday, 10 July 2011

Pewsey Vale and update

This morning, I headed off with my bike to Pewsey.
The original circuit was 12 caches over 10 miles, in recent years the cache organiser added another 17 caches and a bonus. I managed to find all 30 caches, plus a few extra I detoured to.
It was a lovely morning of caching; the buzz I got from finding the bonus was immense. It was a hard series with a few big hills and some of the caches were getting old, but it was a great route.

This week I managed to add two new D/T ratings to my grid. I found a very hard puzzle cache, plus the bonus today was a new hard rating. I also added in a surprising FTF (first to find). I had no idea there was a new cache in the area and just happened to arrive before anyone else did.

Unfortunately, I managed 3 puctures, 2 on the bike and one on the buggy. The first bike puncture came 4 miles from the car. I had Little QC in the bike seat so couldn't ride on it. It was a long walk back. Today, I took a spare inner tube which was rather handy when I puncture at 5 miles!

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