Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Caching in Dorset

"We're going to Dorset over Easter" I announced to Mr QC. I reasoned, "Big QC can go to the Jurrasic Coast, there is a great dinosaur museum, Little QC can play on the beach and we can camp...oh, and it gets us a new county on our caching map."
So, we headed off with half of England to the south coast where we pitched our tent, ate fish and chips, went to the sea, visited dinosaur museums and cached!

Little QC and I went round a 6 mile series called Piddletrenthide. It was the hardest series I've ever done, even without a buggy it would have been hard work! It was a brilliant series though with lots of different hides. The views from the tops of the hills were amazing, well worth being caked in sweat for!

Another day we took in the Symondsbury series. This was just under 3 miles and had 15 caches on it. It was a lovely walk and just the right distance for Big QC. The bonus of a lovely village pub was found at the end of the series!

Our geocaching map is beginning to fill up a bit. I feel a trip to Sussex happening this summer! We do have a trip up North planned so no doubt we'll fill a few more counties in.

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  1. "and it gets us a new county on our caching map" must have been the real decider! ;) Let me know if you want any recommendations if you are coming over our way to fill in your Essex county!