Monday, 15 November 2010

How are the TBs getting on?

Here is a quick run down on the Travel Bugs we have out:

Our car- Spotted 13 times, most recently on the M4 as we drove to Wales.
Marmalade- The Marmalade TB got taken to California. He is now there and being moved around quite quickly. He has clocked 5500 miles.
The Vendee Gem has finally been moved. This is the first time since July. It is somewhere in France.
Para (aiming for Sydney) was lost for a while. The person who had him gave up caching. He was tracked down and is now in has headed a little south!
Mountain Panda also got lost, but this time, he was lost in someones old car! After a quick email, he was placed in a cache, retrieved and then placed in the Lake District.
Little Dolphin is somewhere presumed missing.

We've now found 90 Travel Bugs and Geocoins.

1 comment:

  1. you're pretty lucky with your travellers - the vast majority of ours have gone missing :(

    I keep track of ours on my blog here:

    the boys also have a couple of trackables on their account, including their t-shirts

    we're not to be put off, we have a few new bugs that we are looking to release soon, and I mioght even risk letting one of my coins out again one day