Wednesday, 13 October 2010


It hasn't taken long to go from 700 to 800 caches, perhaps 2 weeks. Yesterday we started the day on 787. I was determined to make it to 799. I headed over to a Wellie Walk series on the pretence of a Tescos trip. This was meant to be a circular walk; my circle however, resembled a spirograph drawing! I had written the co-ordinates down in the wrong order, taken a wrong path and just generally got lost. I ended up dog-legging 4 of the caches as I was that lost. This wasn't the fault of the CO (cache owner), more just a bad day for me! This route gave me 7 caches, so I knew I had to find another 5. I did a few drive bys for the numbers. I do not like drive bys, preferring to walk a route or circuit, but needs must etc etc!

I hit 799 easily...and then finally went to Tescos!

That evening I headed out to another Cachers Meet Up. This was my 800th smiley face. I celebrated with a beer!

My September challenge is still ongoing, I can't quite stop now! There are some days where time is an issue or the weather is bad or I just feel tired, but something says 'get out, you'll love it once out walking'. We are hitting upon a small problem now though. There is only one cache left in our 5 mile radius to find and 40 within 7.5miles. My caching streak will come to an end in a few weeks when we head to France. There is a real dearth of caches in our area (less than 40 in an entire county) so I can see us missing a few days here and there.

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