Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Our next few caches

The following weekend we headed out with our new GPS unit. The name of it is a Garmin Trex. To DaddyDippy and myself, we read this as 'trex'... as in trekking. BabyDippy, in her dinosaur obsessed state reads the name as T-rex! Our GPS is now known as the T-rex.

We found 4 caches in a nearby village. Again, the caches were well stocked plastic boxes. We left little dinosaurs in place of whatever BabyDippy took. This was our first encounter with 'Muggles'. Muggles are non-geocaching people. Caches can be 'muggled' or discovered by people who do not know what they are. Some caches can go missing as they are discovered by people 'not in the know'. Care needs to be taken by each cache to avoid the hiding location being given away and therefore 'muggled'. We waited until the 'muggles' had passed before moving in and searching for the cache.

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